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Vogue 1190 - Tracy Reese Dress

Ok, as soon as I saw this pattern I liked it. I thought this dress was awesome. I didn't buy it until I saw several reviews on it and I liked those dresses as well. So I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

I guess you can tell that I had my reservations about this dress. My reservations are do to the ruffles on the shoulders. I like the ruffles on this dress. I'm just not a ruffle wear-er. You know how there are styles that you like, but you just don't like them on you or you like them, but they just aren't you. That is the vibe I have with this dress. I really like it, but is it me? It more girly and frilly than I am. I'm more structured and straight lines and edgy. But I gave it a go ahead!

Here is the dress with the ruffles:


And guess what? Again, I like it! BUT it is so not me. I didn't feel comfortable at all with the girly ruffles on my shoulders. I know some will 'fuss' at me, but ruffles just aren't for everyone. Just like bows aren't for everyone. If you've seen some more of what I've made, you probably guessed that I'm athletic; maybe even tom-boyish. So clearly, I'm not the girlly girl type (and dh LOVES this by the way!).

Anyway, here's the dress without the ruffles:

And I must say, I like this version as well and I know it is now just a boring dress with no designer flair, but its more me....I'm more comfortable in it. I don't feel like I am pretending and wondering if I look silly (although I know I don't look silly). So, I haven't decided, what do you think?

Here's my review:

This is a great pattern. Very easy to use.

This is a Vogue Tracy Reese pattern that is described as: Close-fitting, A-line, above mid-knee length dress has front ruffles, pleats, exposed darts, back straps, princess seams, back zipper and contrast waistband with bow.

It comes in the following sizes: AA(6-8-10-12), EE(14-16-18-20)

The fabric is from Fabric Mart trendy knits and is 95% Rayon/5% Lycra. I got it for $8, so the fabric cost me $16, the pattern $4. So I would say the dress cost about $22 to make and about 4 hours (but I am slow, pin everything, try on dozens of times, and deal with two bouncing preschool boys).

With the ruffles it looks exactly like the pattern!

The instructions were very easy to follow and I agree with Vogue rating this pattern as easy. I think this pattern could be harder based on the type of fabric you use and your experience with that fabric. Also your experience with invisible zippers could make this a harder pattern. But as I made it, a knit with no zipper, this pattern was easy.

I liked the shape of this dress. It intrigued me...would I like it one, wouldn't I; so I just had to make it!
I actually like the ruffles, but would I like them on me....and they are a major feature of this design; so this was my point of contention!

Since I used a knit, I omitted the zipper. Just remember that if you do this, you need to use a stretchy interfacing on the waistband. I also had to cut about 4" out of the top of the back straps. This was to bring the underarm up which was hanging bra showing low! So be aware of that, but the back straps make this an easy fix.I also have photos were I removed the ruffles and made this just a plain dress....but I just haven't decided on the ruffles yet :).

I would definitely recommend this dress to others. I am pretty sure that I will not make this again, but if I were to make it again, I would make it from a sheer or semi-sheer.

I like both styles of the dress that I show in the pictures. I just don't know if ruffles are for me :(. But this will get lots of wear!

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