Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vogue 1238 - Issey Charcoal Dress

Every now and then a pattern comes along that makes you say 'that's interesting, but would I actually wear that'; 'I like it, but is it too unique'; 'definitely has a designer flare, but would I stand out too much'. That is what I thought when I saw this.

Usually, I pass on the pattern because the difficulty of the pattern and the cost investment were too high for an 'I'm not so sure about this'. But not this time! It looked easy and quick to make and I could find a cheap knit to try it off I went!

The first thing I feel I should say is that I made this dress with a very cheap polyester knit. I wasn't sure about this dress. I liked its uniqueness and designer flare. But I wasn't sure that it would end up looking like a potato sack or parachute. I also wasn't sure if it would turn out to be a house dress, a casual dress, or a dress that can be worn in dress-up occasions like a wedding. So I decided to try the pattern out with a cheap fabric. I figured for minimal investment, I would either get a wearable muslin or an out-right disaster.

Well, given the cheap nature of this fabric, I am actually happy with the resulting dress! I got a wearable muslin!

So try to imagine the dress made with a nice fabric that will curve and lay better. I could see a nice rayon knit, bamboo knit, or even silk jersey making this dress very nice. The dress also lends itself to all of the occasions I mentioned before. It can be made from a luxurious fabric and dressed up, from a casual fabric for day wear, or an inexpensive fabric for a house dress...that can be worn on a quick errand to the store.

The pattern is described as Pullover dress is very loose-fitting at the bust.
It comes in  (XS-S-M-L).

I used a cheap polyester knit fabric from the 5 yards for $5 bolts at Walmart.

I liked the unique nature of this pattern. I liked that it is different and stands out, but isn't weird. I also like that your choice of fabric can make this dress dressy or casual.

I cut 4" of the bottom of this dress. I should mention that this is a dress where you will want to play with the length. I pinned the hem at various lengths and some of the longer lengths did lend itself towards a parachute look. If the dress isn't quite right, make sure that you have the shoulder hem centered on your shoulders and then play with the length...makes a huge difference.

If I decide to make a better version of this dress, I will try to draft out some of the width of the bottom hem. I think the bottom hem should be tighter (closer to the body). I tried to show that in the pictures. You can see in the full frontal picture that the skirt is dipping in the center, but on the picture to its left, the skirt is striaght across. That is because I spread my legs in the picture on the left. So this shows how wide this hem is.

Also make sure you cut the right size. If you get this thing too big, it make look paper bagish.

I know this isn't a look for everyone, but if you ever wanted to venture out into one of those 'do I dare' designer looks. This is the pattern to do it because it is easy to buttons, no zippers, just long seams basically. Go for it!

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  1. For a muslin I think the dress came out very nice. I saw this pattern in vogue and thought to myself...Nah...but seeing it on you I might think twice.